Saturday, September 24, 2011

NFL Power Rankings - Week 2

Week 2 Rankings

One thing is for certain, Team Defense got lost in the lock-out. There is a whole lot of scoring going on. With the last two Super Bowl winners being explosive offensive teams and the NFL being a copycat league, high scoring is everywhere.

1. Green Bay - Another week, another shoot-out. What happened to their D? They have All-Pro personnel at each level so the defense should be better than this.

2. New England - The Pats look like they will break all the scoring records this year. The problem will be  their defense could give up even more points that they score. Can the team score 35 every week to keep winning?

3. Jets - This team actually tries to play defense. They also try to run the ball. The teams ahead of them hardly pretend to do either. They will probably have to open up the offense too though since their running game is sputtering. LaDainian Tomlinson is ready for the nursing home and Shon Greene is underachieving.

4. Lions - You could see this coming. After finally getting rid of Matt Millen, the Lions have drafted very well. They have playmakers everywhere. Matt Stafford looks like the real deal. If he stays healthy, this team could do some serious damage.

5. Buffalo Bills - I don't really think the Bills are the 5th best team in the NFL but they are 2-0, have scored a ton points and are a good story. I probably should put the Texans here but they get off to fast starts every year and then fade into oblivion. If the Texans beat the Saints this weekend, then I'll rank em.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Time Team - The Receivers

If you've been following my selection of my all-time NFL team, you'll notice I have an affinity for players with "certain" reputations. I'm sorry, but football is a mean and nasty game and to a certain extent, you need players with surly dispositions. My receiving corp is filled with these kinds of individuals. After, defensive line (my former stomping grounds), I think receiver is my favorite position. I love watching the athleticism on display from high level receivers. I'd argue that there is nothing more beautiful that a perfectly executed bomb in all of sports. Nothing!

I love three receiver sets. As such, my line-up will start three. I only need a full back for short yardage and goal-line so the fullback on the squad will be a back-up/ specialist. Here are my starting three.

Randy Moss

Moss may not only be my favorite wideout, he might be my favorite player overall. I know he got criticized for not giving 100% on every play. To that I counter that no one else in history has had to run more go routes than Moss. Moss has world class speed.  You ever watch Olympic sprinters after the race? They can't talk, they can barely stand and they surely couldn't run another sprint 30 seconds there after. I admit I'm turning a blind eye to Moss and his many faults but the Dallas game his rookie year is branded in my brain. Three catches, 3 touchdowns. All spectacular. So I'm a Moss apologist to the end. If I were to revisit this list 20 years from now, I'm certain that three positions will remain exactly the same. Deion Sanders will still be one corner, Randy Moss will still be one wide out and Bruce Smith will be rushing off the right corner.

Andre Rison

If its true that Randy Moss has retired, he ends his career second in nearly every category to Jerry Rice. My second receiver is also very controversial. An also like Moss, you got the feeling that Andre Rison
could have gotten more out of his career. From his tumultuous relationship with Lisa Lopes to his fight with Prime Time to Left Eye burning his mansion down, there were always things going on with Bad Moon Rison. He was a big time play-maker and was a Super Bowl winner with Green Bay. I loved watching him play.

Year after year, one player consistently makes the list for most dirty player. That player is Hines Ward. The fact that he plays receiver in amazing. The other players on the list are always defensive players with an occasional offensive lineman. Ward plays a position know for diva activity with a reckless abandon. He plays so recklessly that the league has changed rules because of him. He also is remarkably consistent. Being that my other receivers are tempermental, I need at least one who maintains a consistent level of play and can always be counted on. Ward is just that guy. Be it a run play or a pass play, you will get 100% out of him. Plus he will occasionally lay a defensive player out. He also can save a roster spot by being the emergency QB. All in all, this is a great group. I've got speed, hands and attitude. Hell this may be the most surly position on the team. Wonder who I'd have to get to coach them? 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

NFL Rankings - 1st Week

First Week Rankings

Ahhhh, its that time of year again. Fall is in the air and football season has began. Here are my power rankings for the first week.

1. Green Bay - Their offense is in mid season form. They look unstoppable

2. Baltimore - The team totally crushed the defending conference champion Steelers. Flacco looked much improved

3. New England - Tom Brady looked nearly unstoppable. But the Pats D looked like it couldn't stop anyone either.  Lots of shoot-out this year.

4. Jets - Got lucky in Dallas but good teams seem to always find a way to win.

4. Bears - Team took the Falcons behind the woodshed. Tough defense and always excellent on special teams. Will there be enough offense?