Thursday, January 3, 2013

Should Clowney Play Next Season?

So you saw it right? That hit that Jadeveon Clowney put on that poor Michigan running back? Clowney took that poor kids pride. For the rest of his life, he will be that guy that got hit by Clowney. "Clowneyed" if you will.  That hit is what every defensive player dreams of. Clowney is by far the best defensive prospect in college football and surely would be the very first selection in the upcoming NFL draft.

I say would be because Clowney is not yet eligible for the draft. While I am not one to argue about the rule that forbids players not three years removed from high school from entering the NFL draft, in this instance, the rule seems misplaced.  However, the NFL and NFL Players Association agree that this should be the rule so that's all I really care about. In the end, what's bad for Clowney, is great for the League. All I really care about is a quality NFL product. It sucks for players that are clearly ready - as is definitely the case in this instance - but in reality this rule effects only two to three players a decade.

What is really interesting to me is should Clowney play next year? He has produced enough in college. He has answered any questions as to whether he would live up to his billing as the number one prospect out of high school.  If I were him, I would seriously consider sitting out next season.  It would be controversial but it would probably be the most prudent thing to do.  Clowney has absolutely nothing to gain from another year of college football and an enormous amount to lose.  All established agents would front him all the cash he wanted.  Banks would him a million bucks on his signature alone. He could easily spend the next year working out at any number of agent run training facilities and remain in top condition.  So really, why should Clowney play? Why risk a devastating knee injury like his teammate and friend Marcus Lattimore suffered? If I were Clowney, I would have played my last game as a Gamecock.

In case you missed the Clowney massacre, see below.....

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