Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm still trying....

It's been a sad couple of weeks for ole Brett Favre. First Favre is  accused of sending pictures of his winky-dink to a sideline hostess (What the hell is a sideline hostess?).  Then he goes and re-injures his ankle. So in one week the indestructible Brett may have to sit out from injury and he gets caught up in tabloid BS. 

I hope Brett will be able to play. I just don't want to see the streak end.  If I had to create my all time football team (foreshadowing), Favre would be the quarterback. There is something to be said about a guy who shows up every Sunday ready to play. And not just play, win. Win more games than any other QB.  And along the way, throw more TD passes than any other QB.

Regarding those voice mails and alleged naughty pic, I can care less. I do not view athletes as role models. I love sports more than most but I have never looked up to any athlete in my life. Ever! I've never had those deluded fantasies that most sports fans have that athletes belong in a special place. They entertain me when they perform and that is the extent of the relationship. 

With that out of the way, wasn't Brett just pitiful?  "I'm still trying." What the hell was a Hall of Fame quarterback doing begging some random side-line chic for anything?  Rather pathetic. My wife laughs her ass off every time she hears it. One would think Brett would have a better pitch. Brett has always been known for questionable decision-making on the field and I guess that still carries over to his off the field life as well.

Hmmm.. Maybe sideline "hostesses" are important after all.

Lombardi Contenders

1. Steelers - All they do is win. It may be ugly at times but they win. I bet several Dolphins are still in the whirlpool.

2. Jets - With the team on bye, I kinda missed them. No quotes from Rex, no controversies. Nothing. The league is more interesting with this team.

3. Patriots -They will contend because they are well coached and have Tom Brady (and his porn star hair). They will fizzle in the play-offs again. Not enough players.

4. Ravens - Good teams win even when they have off games. Allowing Buffalo to hang with them definitely counts as an off game.

5. Colts - Is anyone on the team other than Peyton healthy enough to play?

6. Titans - Where the hell did Kenny Brit come from? The kid can play. Now only if he can stay out of nightclub fights.

7. Giants - Seems like they have righted the ship. Offensive line is back healthy again and the D-line is killing QBs. They have broken Qbs in back to back weeks.

8. Saints - Really? The Browns? The Cleveland Browns? Damn.

9. Falcons - I still don't believe in them. I just don't!

10. Chiefs - I am starting to believe in this team. They have drafted well the last couple of years. Definitely on the rise.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the clock

5. Panthers - Team finally got a win albeit against a 1 win 9'ers team. It's sad to see this formerly tough team hit rock bottom like this.

4. 49ers - Alex Smith is hurt again. This kid is fragile. And how long before they fire Singletary?  Mike is a good guy and a leader. He can't tell an X from an O though.

3. Cowboys - Too much talent to be this bad. Now Romo is out. This will be a long season. That stadium is kick-ass though.

2. Lions - Stafford's back next week so hopefully the Lions can make a mini-run and get off this list.

1B. Bills - Game effort against the Ravens. I guess they didn't like that Sports Illustrated article that wondered if a UFL team could beat them. They probably should have won. A couple more efforts like Sunday's and perhaps the Bills will win a game this season.

1A. Broncos - This team warrants special consideration this week. NFL teams don't give up 59 points. They certainly don't give up 59 points to mediocre teams with poor offensive talent. Even the lowly Bills have not given up 59 points in a game. Well at least you Bronco fans can watch Carmelo now that the NBA season has started. Well, watch him until the Nuggets trade him. Hmmm. When do catchers and pitchers report again?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lombardi contenders

1. Steelers - Stout defense, strong run game, solid qb and solid coaching. Sounds like a championship team to me.

2. Jets - See above. Same applies.

3. Ravens - Road win over the Jets, road win over the Steelers, close road loss to the Patriots. That's a tough first five games and the rest of their schedule is easier.

4. Patriots -They beat the Ravens but Baltimore got really conservative on offense. Let Flacco grow Harbaugh! Pats will miss Moss come play-off time.

5. Saints - Righting the ship. Sharper and Bush will be back soon.

6. Colts - Indy is winning on savvy. Not a great team anymore but dangerous.

7. Eagles - Vick? Kolb? Either looks like they can win games for the Eagles. Vick is pure excitement though.

8. Giants - Every time I think Coughlin will be fired, he rights the ship. He certainly knows how to stay the course.

9. Texans - On bye this week. After the bye, they have the Colts, Chargers and Jets in the next four. Seems like a fall is coming for this team.

10. Falcons - I don't really like this team. I think everything about them is over-rated except their run game.

The Bottom Five.....

5. Cowboy - So much for hosting and playing in the Superbowl. The 'Boys will have to buy a ticket like everyone else.

4. Browns - To be his first start, Colt McCoy did well. Keep the kid in.

3. Lions - At least Stafford is back next game

2. Panthers - Need a complete overhaul. They hung on to the core too long.

1. Bills - They have scored the 2nd fewest amount of points while simultaneously giving up the 3rd most. What's that mean? It means they are behind the woodshed every single game!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lombardi Trophy contenders

1. Steelers - They might not lose another game. Can Wallace step up and be a big time receiver?
2. Jets - LT turned back the clock and the team welcomes Santonio Holmes from suspension.
3. Saints - Superbowl crown is heavy. The team is taking everyone's best shot.
4 Ravens - Beat the Steelers but I have a sneaky suspicion that the rematch will be a little different with Big Ben.
5. Texans - Should be 6-1 at their bye and primed for a 2nd half run.
6. Falcons - Analysts are predicting a Superbowl run but I'm not buying it. Nothing about this team scares you. Yes they are sound in all phases but you have to be great at something to win it all. They are great at nothing.
7. Patriots - They will continue to score but they won't stop anyone. Dolphins kinda stopped themselves.
8. Chiefs - They will come back to Earth soon. Colts and Texans next two weeks will let us know how improved they really are.
9. Packers - So Pack, why didn't you give up a 4th rounder for M. Lynch?  Coulda used him.
10. Bears - Mike Martz has never protected the QB. Keep some aspirin handy Jay.

Officially on the clock

5. 49ers - How long will the team stick with Alex Smith? Singletary?
4. Panthers - They milked everything they could out of the core from the Superbowl team. They held on too long and this is what you get. An old team on the downside, headed no where.
3. Raiders - Despite high expectations, this team looks like all the other recent Raiders teams - lost!
2. Lions - Better than the record indicates but can't close the deal.
1. Bills - I feel bad for Ralph Wilson. He deserves better.