Friday, December 31, 2010

As 2010 comes to a close....'s important to note some things that we've learned from the year.  We've learned that sometimes your team does win it all -- See New Orleans Saints........Or makes a run to the World Series that captures your imagination----See the Texas Rangers.......That some are never too old to make foolish decisions – See Brett Favre allegedly sextin pics of his winky-dink......That if you can ball, redemption is yours -- See Mike Vick......That our nation values pets more than people – See Vick’s reception compared to Donte Stallworth's......That if you are a free agent NBA player, don’t do a show about signing with a new team – See King James.....That sometimes, a player just needs a team that believes in him – See Peyton Hillis.........That no matter how much we want to see Manny Pacquiao fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. it just won't happen. Floyd! It will be a 50 million dollar payout. Make it happen!.......That sometimes, you got to take a chance in life – See Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar.......That sometimes the shoe just doesn’t fit Cinderella – See Butler’s last second miss versus Duke......That you can be the most stereotypical and polarizing characters and attain fame and wealth beyond everyone's imagination -- See Jersey Shore........That sometimes there’s tragedy among the inspirational stories at the Olympics – See Georgian Luger.......That greed is still good in America - - See Wall St bonuses return......That I shouldn’t bitch about how detailed and thorough the accountant gets during tax time – See Wesley Snipes, Kelly Rowland and Val Kilmer..........That Hollywood never misses a chance to follow up a great movie with an in-ept sequel, regardless of how much time has passed – See Wall St Money Never Sleeps......That with the Internet, everyone is just a moment away from being famous --- See Antoine Dobson.....That my favorite movie I've seen this year was Zombieland....My song of the year is I Love the Way you Lie (Not the Em version but the Ri-Ri version from Loud with Em on the hook). Those songs and that video is the closest I'll ever come to understanding that madness that goes on in those volatile relationships......All in all, 2010 has been a good year. I approach 2011, healthy, happy with great opportunities beckoning upon my door.  I look forward to seeing what the year has in store for me. Happy New Year everyone!

NFL Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Brady is great. Belichick is a genius. Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. You've heard it all before. I think this team was built for regular season success but will ultimately fail in the playoffs.

2. Falcons - They are a better team than the Saints yet they could not beat them on their home field. That's a bad sign for a team trying to take the next step

3. Bears - This is the least respected 11 win division winner I've ever seen. No one trusts Cutler to play well when it counts. No one thinks highly of Lovie Smith as a coach even though he's won 3 division titles and took the Bears to a Super Bowl. I don't get it.

4. Ravens - This team will be a tough out in the playoffs. They are tough, physical and bruising. I like their chances to go to Dallas.

5. Saints - Statement win in the GA Dome. I love when teams impose their will on another team and that's exactly what the 4th quarter was. Defensively, the Saints stopped Matty Ice in crunch time then ran the 4 minute offense to perfection.  All the interceptions by Brees is cause for concern though. He's over 20 now.

6. Steelers - This team is totally different when Troy Polamalu is injured. Their offense doesn't score a lot of points so any drop-off in defense make a big difference. His health or lack there of will probably keep them out of Texas.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vick for MVP?

So the other day I got into this debate on twitter about Mike Vick and the potential that he could win league MVP. Now if you watch pro football objectively, there is no way Vick is not top 3 in your MVP rankings. If he's not then you haven't been paying attention. Or perhaps you are one of those people who think Vick should have been banned from the league forever then of course you are freaking out about the possibility that Vick could get any award. The person I debated with said they did not like the "moral bankruptcy of America."  Wow. Just Wow.

I think I may be alone in my view of sports. If my favorite team loses, it does not ruin my day or my weekend. Don't get me wrong. I'm an avid sport's fan. I watch all the major sports and a ton of random college stuff too. I just have sports in proper perspective. Its entertainment. All I care about is being entertained. I couldn't care less what athletes do in their personal lives. If the league says they are eligible then I watch them perform. The NFL ruled Mike Vick eligible, therefore I will continue to enjoy watching him perform. I am not morally bankrupt, I just don't view athletes with any heightened level of scrutiny. They play a game. I enjoy watching those games. That's the extent of the relationship.

For those who think that Vick should be banned for life, there are two players who were convicted of DUI manslaughter who are playing in the league. Regardless, the leagues hands are really tied in these situations. Pro athletes aren't in a position of trust. They don't have a fiduciary duty to anyone. Their jobs consist of manual physical labor. They are essentially construction workers. They do not require a license to perform their duties. It would be a hard sell legally to ban these athletes for life.

Its funny how are culture treats the various celebrities. Bad behavior by musicians makes them more popular. Bad behavior by actors is either applauded or overlooked. Bad behavior by athletes is routinely admonished. I have never understood the different standard for athletes. Perhaps its the raw emotion that sports produces. I just don't get it.

With all that said, Vick should be a MVP candidate. Right now, I have Tom Brady first, Vick second and Matt Ryan third. It will be interesting to see how this trio performs down the stretch.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pryor and his Gold Pants.....

I'm sure by now all of you sports fans have heard about the situation at Ohio State. My personal opinion is that this SHOULD not be a rules violation. The players sold their personal property. They sold it at fair market value. This is the essence of capitalism. Instead of being a violation, perhaps the NCAA should embrace this. They can create an office at member universities and sell authentic game memorabilia. NCAA gets a cut, the school gets a cut with the remainder going to the players. The NCAA will have to adapt to cultural changes. Today's youth grew up with EBay, Amazon and Skoreit. Anybody can sell anything at all times. So its natural to think your possessions are yours to sell.

With that said, my biggest problem with this situation is that if the NCAA thinks this is a serious enough violation to warrant a 5 games suspension then that suspension needs to start now. If the players would have gotten a 1 or 2 games suspension then maybe you could have convinced me that they should let it begin next season. With it being a 5 game suspension, these players should be suspended for the Sugar Bowl.  But of course that would effect the ratings which hurts the money train. This ruling is logically inconsistent. The NCAA is strict regarding enforcing rules unless that enforcement will cost a loss in revenue. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NFL Power Rankings

1. Falcons - Eight game winning streak. 9-1 in the conference. The Falcons are the team to beat in the NFC. It pained me immensely to write that.

2. Patriots -  The young defense took a step back against Packers. Yes they won but the Pack should not have been in the game with a young QB and no running game. Patriots look like a different team when they don't have the lead.

3. Eagles - Peter King of Sports Illustrated for weeks has been saying that Mike Vick hasn't played enough this season to be in the MVP discussion. On Monday, he added Vick to his MVP list. Dude has been phenomenal. I tweeted on Sunday that this team is the most exciting in the league. Name one team that is anywhere near as exciting. Can't do it? I didn't think so.

4. Bears - Strong defense. Solid running game. Superior special teams. Erratic quarterback. This sounds like the team that made the Super Bowl a few years back. Devin Hester has regained his swagger and has returned to being deadly. Plus Cutler is playing well. Hosting a home playoff game in the Windy City will be a plus too. 

5. Steelers - While the MVP race has been a two horse affair so far but perhaps a third player should be added. The Steelers are not the same without Troy Polamalu. Even though that they have talent at all levels of the D, Polamalu makes their packages work. His health is critical.

6. Ravens - This team still thinks its a defense first squad but they just can't rely on the D like they use too. They need to open up the offense and let Flacco grow and develop. That was a solid win against the Saints.

7. Saints - Saints went into Baltimore and got their winning streak snapped. Apparently they didn't realize that the Ravens are a running team and that Ray Rice would be carrying the ball. I'm excited about the rematch with the Falcons on Monday.

8. Jets - The Jets needed a win bad and they got one by winning for the first time in team history in Pittsburgh. Their offense should be much better than it is. They have enough pieces that they should score regularly. Hard to trust Sanchez.

9. Chiefs - Nice win to keep control of their destiny. That Jamal Charles is one fast dude.

10. Giants - That was one hell of a choke job on Sunday. I'll never forget the look on Tom Coughlin's face as Desean headed towards the endzone.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bottom 5.....

5. Bills - I have to tip my cap to the Bills players and coaching staff. They have continued to play hard long after it was clear that they were out of the playoffs. Now it appears that they are building a decent foundation. This off-season and draft will be critical. They need to
add some quality talent.

4. Broncos - Tim Tebow did not look that bad. The toughness and leadership qualities are there. He made a couple of good throws. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts the next few weeks now that defensive coordinators have game film on them.
3. Bengals- The Bengals looked like a different team after T.O. went down. I'm not suggesting T.O. was the cause of this poor season but sometimes building a team is like cooking. You got to know when you have enough seasoning. Too much salt turns the dish bad. The Bengals added a lot of extra offensive weapons in the off-season. Maybe the just needed one extra dash and not the four they added.

2. Cardinals -  They are back to being who we thought they were. The same ole sorry Cardinals.  

1. Panthers - Glad to see the team pick up a victory. John Fox is a good coach but this team needs a fresh start. Fox will land on his feet somewhere.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NFL Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Well let me start by saying that I hate the Patriots. I will follow that by saying they look like a Super Bowl champion right now. Brady is playing at a magnificent level. It killed me to write that.

2. Falcons -  Looks like the Falcons will win the division and have homefield throughout the NFC playoffs. I'm enjoying my "crow". I eating it roasted with mixed veggies and a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio. It took me all season to recognize that they are indeed a very solid team and they are definitely a SB caliber team. 

3. Steelers - Big Ben is getting beat up. Will he have anything left when the playoffs starts?

4. Saints - Team put it on the Rams. However, the last 3 games are tough. Got the Ravens, Falcons and Bucs. It doesn't look good for repeating as division winner. Team will have to make a SB run as a wild-card.

5. Eagles - So if Vick isn't the most exciting player in the NFL, then Desean Jackson is. The team still has holes on defense but they can score with anyone.

6. Ravens - Its clear that the defense is no longer dominant. They can make plays and dictate tempo but they are not a unit that can carry a team. With that said, the D is still plenty good enough to win. Harbaugh has to let the offense help the D if this team is to make any noise in the playoffs.

7. Bears - Could a cold-weather team play any worse in the cold weather? Its like the whole team forgot that its gets cold and windy in Chicago. The Pats are good but they are no-where as good as they looked Sunday.

9. Giants - They steamrolled a bbeleaguered Vikes team. They overcame a disrupted schedule, a long lay-over in Kansas City and Detroit. Overcoming adversity is always a good sign.

10. Jaguars - Team is rolling and is close to clinching the division. I thought the team would bottom out this year and end up in Los Angeles. Oh well. There's always next year.

The piss-poor, god-awful 5 worst teams in the NFL right now

5. Bills - Well they won another game and I'm happy. I rode this team early in the year but they have played hard in every game. Think where the Cowboys would be if they gave effort like the Bills?

4. Broncos - That's a wrap on their season. Josh McDaniels run will likely be included in the lists of the worst coaching stints ever. Trading away superior talent in Cutler, Marshall and Hillis and traded picks to draft Tebow. Its failure on an epic level.

3. Arizona Cardinals  - I really feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald. I never want to see great talent wasted. If anyone ever says that quarterback is not the most important position, just bring up these Cardinals. Great QB leaves and this team looks pathetic on offense.

2. Bengals -  These Bengal remind me a lot of the pre-Marvin Lewis Bengals. 10 game losing streak? We thought those days were over. And now T.O. says its the coaches fault?  These last 3 weeks will be interesting. 

1. Panthers - They were competitive for about a half. I guess that's an improvement.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The piss-poor, god-awful 5 worst teams in the NFL right now

5. Lions - Played the Bears tough. Another good draft and this team will finally be ready to leave the bottom of the standings.

4.  Bills- Seems like the team regressed after the Steve Johnson drop. Teams like this can't overcome that kind of adversity. They've looked deflated since then.

3. Arizona Cardinals  - Max Hall is out for the season. Derick Anderson is just downright awful. Now John Skelton from Fordham is the quarterback. And the struggles continue....

2. Bengals - Just when you thought theBengals had bottomed out they go out and reach a new low. Gump was right - Stupid is as stupid does. The Bengals are all sorts of stupid.

1. Panthers - Could Jim Harbaugh and Andew Luck be on the way next season? Let's hope so.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFL Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Tom Brady is the League MVP this year. Only Vick can make a half-way legitimate claim. Everyone else is a pretender! Now if only he'd cut that ridiculous hair!

2. Falcons -  I finally give them credit last week and they did not disappoint on Sunday. They took the best punch the upstart Buccaneers could muster and survived. The team did not panic when they got down by 10. They kept grinding and pulled out the victory. This team has a lot of heart. I still don't like watching them but they damn sure are good!

3. Steelers - Won the slug-fast with the Ravens. Big Ben is just a clutch performer. Now if can continue to refrain from RAPING any more women then the Steelers should be set up for a deep run in the playoffs.

4. Chicago - Bears keep winning and Cutler keeps not giving the games away. Could be on to something.

5. Saints - So you have to admit that the Bengals are the dumbest team in the NFL. Much like the Steelers last week, the Saints won because of their opponent's incompetence. But a win is a win and now the Saints have won 5 straight.

6. Eagles - Vick played well again but the defense still needs to improve. Andre Johnson on bum leg got nearly 150 in yards. They need to fix the D to be true contenders.

7. Green Bay - Workman-like victory over the Lions. I don't think Green Bay is a true contender in the NFC. They couldn't beat the Saints, Eagles or Falcons in a playoff game so I may have them ranked a little high on this list.

8. Ravens - Doesn't it seem like if the Ravens and Steelers played 10 straight games that each game would be decided by a field goal? You have to wonder will either of these teams have anything next week after the way they blasted each other on Sunday.

9. Jets - You get blown out on Monday night football who deserve to have your entire season questioned. Everyone now thinks the team is over-rated. I will never understand how they got out-played like they did. On the bright-side, this team was up and down all last season and still made the AFC Championship game. So there's hope. They need to respond big time next week.

10. Kansas City - I could have went with the Giants here but they just lack consistency. When they are off, the look horrible. So I'll let the Chiefs hold this spot.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brutus Returns!!!!

So LeBron James is returning to Cleveland tonight. I don't know about you but this is must see TV for me! I don't think I've been this interested in a pre-Valentines day NBA game in my life! I usually watch my first game of the season on Christmas day as the NBA always has double-headers between good teams on and there is no football. But I'm watching this. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Cleveland has acted like the most scorned woman in history all summer and fall. Really players leave all the time but we have never witnessed anything like this before.  Pure hatred towards a person for essentially taking a better job in a cooler city. We've never seen a city be this bitter though. We know they are gonna boo but what else will happen? How many people do you think will get arrested? I can guarantee some fool will throw a water bottle. This is a good way to get my weekend off to an early start. Are you gonna watch??????

I'll leave you with a few King James T-shirts Clevelanders are fond of these days.



NFL Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Nice practice against Lions on Thanksgiving. Did they break a sweat?

2. Falcons -  Big win against the Pack. I have not bought into the Falcons as a serious contender all season but I have to give credit where credit is due. They have developed into a serious contender.

3. Jets - Workman-like victory over the Bengals. I absolutely can't wait to next Monday to see the show-down againts the Patriots.

4. Steelers - Team caught a break against the Bills. Thanks Stevie Johnson for dropping the game winning td and then blaming God for your failures. I think next Sunday will be a blood-bath as the team hosts the Ravens.

5. Ravens - Hard fought victory against the young Buccaneers team. Showdown Sunday!!!!!

6. Chicago - Cutler is playing well. Special teams and defense will keep you in a lot of games so Cutler's play will determine how far they go.

7. Saints - Nice comeback against the Cowboys.

8. Eagles - Vick played well but the defense could not get the Bears off the field. The Bears kept the ball nearly the entire 3rd quarter.  Can't score if you don't have the ball. Eagles need to improve their D.

9. Green Bay - The next big game Aaron Rogers wins will be the first big game he's ever won.  Team could have remained ahead of the Bears but now they are in a dogfight for a division.

10. Tampa Bay - The Bucs played the Ravens tough. In the end, they did not have enough experience or playmakers to pull out the win. I'm impressed that they are still in the playoff race. No one expected them to win five games yet they've won 7. It'll be interesting to see how the play down the stretch.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The piss-poor, god-awful 5 worst teams in the NFL right now

5. Buffalo Bills - Heartbreaking loss to the Steelers. Steve Johnson goes from unknown hero to well-known goat in the span of one week. Bad teams don't make plays that win games. This is a bad team.

4.  Lions- So much for that upset of the Pats on Thanksgiving. Patriots looked like they were playing 7 0n 7. You can start playing defense at any time Lions. At any time.
3. Arizona Cardinals  - Their performance Monday may have been the most pathetic display of supposedly professional football this season. This team has no purpose without Kurt Warner. How can the Eagles develop two quarterbacks while the Cards can't develop anyone that remotely resembles a pro QB?
2. Bengals - So the Bengals will have a new coach next season and perhaps a new quarterback. Have we ever seen a quarterback regress as much as Carson Palmer has?

1. Panthers - Team put up a good effort against Cleveland. Too bad the kick missed. Teams needs a win.