Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Standing Tall in the Pocket

So I had an interesting debate with a coaching buddy this weekend. My buddy "Coach" hates Peyton Manning. He hates him to his core and has since the very first day I met him 8 years ago. He does not believe Manning is a gamer. I have defended Manning for years. Manning is one of those polarizing figures that people just naturally hate. I always defend Manning because I know I have a similar bias towards Kobe Bryant. I just hate Kobe for non-basketball reasons so I defend Manning because I know firsthand about irrational biases.

While I still don't hate Manning, I think I see Coach's point. Coach doesn't think Manning will sit in the pocket and take a hit to make a completion. It is a fact that the Colts routinely lead the league in fewest sacks. Quarterbacks are taught to not take sacks and Manning has perfected that skill. He always lives to fight another down. This infuriates Coach to no end. He was a quarterback and believes sometimes, the quarterback must stand in the pocket in the face of the oncoming rushers and make the throw. To illustrate his point, he pointed out a throw that Aaron Rogers made against the Eagles in which he got pummelled. Coach said Manning would never make that throw. And its true. Peyton has never and will never stand tall in the pocket to complete a pass. He will simply throw the ball away. So on this point, I have seen the light Coach and admit you are right. One of the reasons I have always liked Brett Favre is the fact that he never gave a damn who was rushing him, he'd stay in the pocket and make the throw. Favre has a career full of TD passes that he never saw because he was laid out. Nearly every great QB has this trait. Peyton Manning, not so much.  On this point you are right Coach but you know what? I still like Peyton. What do you guys think? You like Manning? Hate him? To over-exposed? What's your thoughts?


  1. I have more respect for the QB's who stand tall, but not taking a sack or making a bad throw has to count for something, too. That's why Steve McNair was one of my favorite QB's to watch. He took shot after shot and although it ended his career sooner than later, he was fun to watch and gave his fans hope on every play.

  2. Qbs should avoid sacks and avoid making bad throws. However, sometimes standing in there and delivering the ball allows the receiver to get open and is the difference between winning and losing.

  3. Never liked him. No real reason. Everything about him irks me. Even to be as elementary as possible and say he has a big head and is funny looking.