Friday, October 12, 2012

The Bad Guy makes the news again

So Ndamukong Suh is again in trouble for rage related issues. By now its clear that Suh has anger management issues. He may need a bit of help (yes that's sarcasm). What's interesting to me is that when interviewed, Suh is the most soft spoken and sincere sounding player in the league. He reminds me a lot of Bill Romanoski. He was also soft spoken, intelligent and always sounded like a good guy but always played and lived on the edge. If you listen to Courtland Finnegan, he also has the same characteristics. So how can three intelligent soft spoken guys be considered some of the dirtiest players ever? My theory is that the game is so violent that if you are generally nice, you have to psyche yourself up and get in a different mental state just to compete. I think Suh is taking the kill or be killed mentality off the field and this is what is causing these problems. Either way, he needs to gain better control over his emotions both on and off the field. But of course, I do love a great bad guy so I will still cheer for the crazy kid!

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