Thursday, November 17, 2011

Should you cheer for your team to lose?

So what makes a true sports fan? I ask this because I work with people who have been actively rooting for their beloved sports team to lose. Yes, you read that correctly. These so-called die hard fans actively want their favorite team to lose. That team, Ole Miss, has lost at such a level that their head coach has been fired after four seasons. These "fans" believe that the massive losing was worthwhile since it served the purpose of getting Houston Nutt and Athletic Director Pete Boone out of town.

Personally, I have a hard time following this line of thinking. I can't stand losing. I could never actively hope my favorite teams lose just to get rid of a coach. I truly can not fathom hating an individual coach enough to WANT my team to lose.  Maybe I played and coached to long and I'm totally off base. I want to win every time my team lines up. It appears many would disagree with me.  So tell me. If you are a true fan, is it every ok to root for your team to lose?


  1. I kind of can understand that notion of thinking but at the same time I would never want my team to continue to lose for whatever reason it may be. I know some Colts fans who want them to keep on losing so they can get Andrew Luck. I don't agree with it but it the same time I understand it.

  2. I could never cheer for my team to lose. I'm too competitive. However, I see the rationale.


  3. I'd never cheer for my team to lose. That's just dumb. You have to let the coaching situation handle itself. If someone pulls for their team to lose, then they're not a fan.